What is ERR1 on device?

The “Err1” message indicates that the CarMD handheld tool was not able to establish a link with the vehicle’s computer. Check the cable connections at the vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC). Turn the ignition off, wait 10 to 12 seconds, then turn the ignition back on to reset the vehicle’s computer.

If you still continue to see that message we may need to update a few things.  Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your computer with CarMD
  2. Install the computer app
  3. Create an account if you haven’t yet
  4. Log into the computer app with account

    If you already have an account and you’ve logged into the app previously, you should still be logged into your account and may skip this step.

  5. Connect the CarMD to your computer via USB
  6. Find the running CarMD app in your tray and bring up the option menu 

    If you need help finding the app in your tray, please click on your OS below:

    • Windows
    • Apple
  7. Bring up the options menu and hover over, “Current details”, it should say “Tool is connected”

    If it says “Tool is NOT connected”, try switching USB ports on your computer and making sure the plugs are fitting on well.  Right click the icon again and check if it says it is connected.  If it still says the tool is not connected the tool may have an issue please contact us with a description of your issue.

  8. On the same options menu find “Update available” or “Not update available”

    • If it says, ‘No update available now’,please contact us with a description of your issue.
    • If it says, ‘Update available’, please resume with the update.
  9. Once the tool is updated please try plugging it into the car again and see if “ERR1″ comes up again.

    If your CarMD continues to show ‘err1’, we may need to take a look at your device, please contact us with a description of your issue.

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