What are vehicle technical service bulletins (TSB)?

A technical service bulletin (TSB) is an advisory issued by an automotive manufacturer to its dealership service departments detailing a fix for a known concern or difficult repair. The bulletin is for informational purposes only. It is not a recall.

If a problem addressed in a TSB is particularly widespread, the manufacturer may decide to send out an “Owner Notification” letter, but they are under no obligation to make the repair or notify customers. If your vehicle is still under warranty; however, you can usually get the related repairs covered.

A majority of TSBs are released during the first year that a vehicle is offered or the year following a redesign in order to address areas that might have been overlooked in the car’s design process.

TSB content varies in severity from hard-to-start engines to inoperable windows or even something as simple as how to install a license plate holder. TSBs often (but not always) deal with a recurring problem and include instructions for the repair, parts needed, the warranty status and the labor charge.

They can be particularly helpful if your “sick” car or truck has an intermittent or persistent problem. If you have tried to have a problem repaired numerous times, you may wish to take a related TSB to your mechanic and ask how to proceed, or reference the included part numbers if you are a do-it-yourselfer planning to make the repair yourself. Most reputable repair shops and dealerships appreciate an informed customer.

It’s a particularly good idea to see if your vehicle has any TSBs while it is still under warranty. CarMD customers and members can see if their vehicle has had any TSBs issued. This information is listed under the STAYING HEALTHY tab on your vehicle’s report.air max 90 essential china

NoneWhat are vehicle technical service bulletins (TSB)?