Setting up CarMD with your Computer (for 2100 and 2150)

  • Click here to register
  • Once your information successfully submits, you will be led to your member dashboard.
  • If you have an existing account, skip to the next step.

Registering your CarMD handheld

  • With the USB cable that came in your package, connect your CarMD to your computer.
  • If a download bar appears, please allow it to continue, CarMD is adding free updates to your handheld.
  • It will also open your browser showing “Enter Vehicle Information”. So now you are ready to use CarMD with your vehicle.
  • If you purchased your handheld new from an authorized retailer, your account will be provided 3 Garage Spaces. If you own a 2150, you will also be provided 5 Health & History reports.

Using CarMD with your Car

Selecting Report

  • Once CarMD is plugged back into your computer, your browser will launch to the “Enter Vehicle Information”. Please fill out this information.
  • Then you have an option of selecting which report, if you wish to run basic CarMD reports on vehicles in your Garage, select Free Report
  • If you wish to run a Health & History Report which includes a vehicle history report or want to run a report without a tool (for a used vehicle you’re thinking of buying), select Health & History Report.
Vehicle History Reports are a new feature allowing you to view past incidents that may impact the value of a vehicle. Ideal for those shopping for used cars. With this new feature CarMD now provides a complete insight into a vehicle’s past, present, and future. Access to this feature requires an additional purchase.
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NoneSetting up CarMD with your Computer (for 2100 and 2150)