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Use our service to check the VIN of any US vehicle and see if there is any important information to know before purchasing.

With CarMD’s reports, you’ll know if that vehicle you’re thinking about buying:

Has any upcoming critical failures
With CarMD report see the repairs this vehicle may need in the next 12 months and how much it will cost

Cost of needed maintenance
Take a look into the real cost of ownership. CarMD’s maintenance information includes items that are needed but not listed in car handbook or any other online source. Based on knowledge from Master Techs that work on your vehicle everyday.
Vehicle History
See if your vehicle has any accidents, junk, salvage, or total loss records or any open lien or loan information.
Warranty Coverage
See if this vehicle is still covered under any warranties.
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Get 5 reports for only $25

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Know what’s likely to go wrong and what it’ll cost

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