Can a loose gas cap cause my ‘check engine’ light to come on

Yes. Loose gas caps are one of the most common reasons the “CHECK ENGINE” light comes on. If CarMD tells you a loose gas cap is the culprit, tighten it until you hear it “click.” Then be patient. It may take a few trips around the block, or even a few separate starts, before the “CHECK ENGINE” light re-sets. If the cap remains loose, replace it. Make sure you use the correct cap for your specific make and model.

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Update May 01, 2017: Did you know you can prevent a lot of Check Engine Light problems through proper maintenance? CarMD has a new service called CarMD Garage which helps you maintain your car, truck, SUV or van by giving you a report of what service items are due and links to where you can buy the parts and items needed to complete the service, should you choose to do it yourself.

NoneCan a loose gas cap cause my ‘check engine’ light to come on