How does CarMD get its data?

CarMD is more than just a tool; it is a system comprised of data from thousands of technicians, allowing for the most accurate solutions for your vehicle needs. This is only part of the picture and the whole story much more interesting.

From DTC to Solution

Often when asked about how CarMD sizes up, people say ‘You can’t just look at a DTC and say what is wrong’ or ‘Replacing a part isn’t enough you need to fix the cause’. To understand why people say those things it is akin to telling a doctor ‘I have a cough’ and without ever seeing patient the doctor says cancer is the problem and here are the names of the drugs to treat it. Which we agree sounds ridiculous.

However, this is how CarMD works. The technology is so sophisticated that from just the DTC and some extra data from the car, CarMD is able to provide the cause of the issue and how to fix it. Keep reading to see how.

Crowd Sourced Knowledge

CarMD learns from its users every day. When we encounter problems we don’t have answers for we reach out to our network of technicians. Our network includes dealer technicians, OEM (such as Toyota trained) technicians, and Master technicians. As a trade skill, the highest level of mastery for a mechanic is an ASE Certified Master Tech, and several hundred contribute to our database every day. We also employ several in-house ASE Certified Master Technicians.

Everytime a user shows us a problem we haven’t solved yet (very rare case or a very new car), we tap entire network to find the solution. The whole network then works together to find not just any solution, but the BEST solution. Each possible solution is peer reviewed and criticized and eventually verified in-house.

As you can see, our solutions don’t come from just one or two people in their garage but is the sum of the group’s expertise, experience, and knowledge. This is why we can say we don’t just provide information anyone can dig out of a technical handbook but is actual real life knowledge from practicing technicians that work on those cars day in and day out. A hundred technicians have just looked at the problem and came to an agreed consensus to the solution.

Double Checked and Verified

Of course we double check every answer in-house with our own technicians. Once we confirm the answer is good, we begin to edit the content, summarizing it and making it easier to understand.

As for our customers. If we have the answer, it is provided right away. If not, we ask for some patience as we seek out the answer which usually take no more than 2 weeks.

Jordan Proto-React White/White/White

NoneHow does CarMD get its data?