Get your CarMD report using your Computer

Before jumping ahead to use your CarMD product, please make sure you’ve installed the CarMD application on your computer, and/or downloaded the free CarMD app on your mobile device, created an account. Both are required for CarMD to work.
  1. Check your CarMD

    Turn it on and off and make sure it is working. If needed replace the batteries.

  2. Record the VIN

    If this is the first time scanning your vehicle with a CarMD, we recommend bringing something to record the VIN. Such as a paper/pencil or taking a photograph of the VIN itself. While CarMD is able to automatically determine your exact vehicle, on some it cannot and you maybe have to type in your VIN when generating a report.

  3. Record the odometer

    CarMD uses your vehicle’s odometer to help determine what may be wrong with your car and to provide a correct maintenance schedule. Here’s an article discussing why CarMD needs your vehicles VIN and mileage.

  4. Use CarMD on your vehicle

    Here’s a step by step guide on using CarMD with your vehicle

  5. Getting your report

    Now plug the CarMD into your computer using the cables included in the box. This will generate your vehicle health report if your app is downloaded and installed. Depending on the version of your app you may still need to log in. Newer versions will automatically log in for you.

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NoneGet your CarMD report using your Computer