Free vs Health & History Report

Health & History Report

Health & History reports are ideal when used car shopping, or on vehicles you don’t own (such as neighbor’s or family member’s vehicle) that you don’t plan on adding to your garage.

Health & History reports are available to anyone, and a CarMD handheld tool is not required.

CarMD Health & History Reports include:

Additional features only available when using a CarMD handheld tool:

  • All OBD2 based information
  • Cost of repair, duration, and cost of parts
  • Diagnostic information such as DTC severity and code layman information
  • Emission testing readiness

Free Report

The free report is available to owners of CarMD Handheld Devices. The CarMD Free Reports feature the following:

  • Repair duration, total cost, and parts cost
  • Repair information described in layman’s terms
  • Vehicle maintenance information
  • Safety Recall information
  • A list of possible future breakdowns and their cost of repair

New features now included:

  • Market value of vehicle
  • Cost of ownership / year
  • Miles per gallon

Requirements. To get a free CarMD report you must:

  • Own a CarMD unit
  • Must have the vehicle in a Garage Space

If the vehicle you are testing is not in a Garage Space, selecting “Free Report” will attempt to add that vehicle to your Garage for you. If it cannot, you will be prompted to purchase a Garage Space first. Vehicles in your Garage are allowed unlimited reports for life.

Read more on Garage Spaces

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