Bluetooth pairing your CarMD 2150

In order to run garage reports with your iPhone or Android device, you must first pair it via Bluetooth. Pairing your new CarMD handheld also activates your included garage spaces and report credits. Pairing via Bluetooth is easy, follow the steps below: Turn on your CarMD handheld device. Go to your phone’s Settings, then under Bluetooth, find “CarMD Mobile,” tap …

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Setting up CarMD with your Computer (for 2100 and 2150)

Register an account Click here to register Once your information successfully submits, you will be led to your member dashboard. If you have an existing account, skip to the next step. Download our software Click here to download and then install it A screen will appear, enter your login and password and sign in. It will open to your account. ...
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CarMD Mobile walkthrough

Getting Started Pairing iPhone Android Run a Report Reading your report Diagnostic Result Maintenance Items Emissions Status Safety Recalls Warranty Status Settings

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CarMD 2150 Setup

This will guide you through setting up your CarMD 2150. Please make sure you own the 2150, as seen above. If your version is a different color, please click here. Please have your CarMD on hand and make sure it can turn on. Replace batteries if necessary. Download our app and open it We appreciate your patience! Tap ‘Register’ in …

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Testing an additional vehicle using your CarMD

Testing an additional vehicle using your CarMD is easy. Your CarMD is designed to be easily used on any vehicle OBD-II compliant, typically any car, truck, van or SUV built for sale in the US, Canada, 1996 and newer. No reset or additional preparation is required to test additional vehicles. To test an additional vehicle, simply locate the DLC connector …

hoaTesting an additional vehicle using your CarMD

Are CarMD updates free?

The following services will continually be updated and remain free: Updates to the site and member’s area. Updates to our data, such as repair information (cause, solution, and cost), ABS, Air bag problems, and safety recalls. Software updates for your tool. Such as enhanced code detection for newer cars, faster scanning, etc CarMD will never revoke or charge for a …

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What is ERR1 on device?

The “Err1” message indicates that the CarMD handheld tool was not able to establish a link with the vehicle’s computer. Check the cable connections at the vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC). Turn the ignition off, wait 10 to 12 seconds, then turn the ignition back on to reset the vehicle’s computer. If you still continue to see that message we …

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CarMD isn’t beeping when plugged into the vehicle

The CarMD beeps to let you know when it has been firmly connected with a vehicle and when it should be removed from the vehicle. Fortunately, it also uses it’s lights and LCD screen to let you know what it’s doing. However, due to the location most OBD2 ports, it is difficult to view the unit while plugged in, which …

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I cannot connect CarMD to a VW

Volkswagen has an issue with communication when the vehicle has an aftermarket alarm or radio installed. This issue is not limited to CarMD tools, but occurs with all code readers and scan tools on the market. Consult your local Volkswagen dealership or Service Center for the proper testing procedures in this case. Or, consider purchasing an OBD2 extension cable by …

NoneI cannot connect CarMD to a VW

I cannot connect CarMD to a Subaru

If you have trouble linking the CarMD tool to a Subaru vehicle, try starting the vehicle first, then connect the CarMD device to the vehicle’s port with the engine running. If the condition continues, please contact us with a description of your issue.

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