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For immediate help during work hours, call us at 1-888-MyCarMD Or email us, via this form, and we will get back to you. Below are common issues you may encounter while using CarMD: Issue Solution Action Steps No Power when plugged into vehicle CarMD unit needs to be replaced Contact CarMD for a replacement unit Broken LCD Screen CarMD unit needs to …

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How to run a Health and History Report without a tool

There are times when you’re searching for a used car online from your desktop computer on websites such as Craigslist,, etc. Did you know you can run a Health and History report from your desktop without needing to connect your handheld? Here’s how:

NoneHow to run a Health and History Report without a tool

Free vs Health & History Report

Health & History reports are ideal when used car shopping, or on vehicles you don’t own (such as neighbor’s or family member’s vehicle) that you don’t plan on adding to your garage. Health & History reports are available to anyone, and a CarMD handheld tool is not required. CarMD Health & History Reports include: All features of the free report …

NoneFree vs Health & History Report

Approved Vendors

The list of approved vendors where your CarMD comes fully loaded are: Directly from our site Amazon HSN Pepboys CarMDs purchased anywhere else will not receive the same benefits are a CarMD purchased from an approved vendors.

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How do I replace a vehicle in my Garage?

If you have reached Garage Space limit, you can easily replace a vehicle in your Garage at any time by following the steps below (as long as your account still includes coverage to remove vehicles): Select a vehicle to remove Add the vehicle to your Garage

NoneHow do I replace a vehicle in my Garage?

How many reports per vehicle am I allowed before being charged for a report?

Prior the July 2015 update, the limit was two(2) CarMD reports per Garage vehicle per month. This has been updated to unlimited CarMD reports for your Garage vehicles. There is no charge for making new CarMD reports on your Garage vehicles. If you wish to include a Vehicle History Report it will cost an additional fee.

NoneHow many reports per vehicle am I allowed before being charged for a report?

How do I remove/delete a vehicle?

Prior to the July 2015 update, if a user wished to remove a vehicle the only way to do so was to permanently delete it, which also deletes all reports and information on that vehicle. Deleting a vehicle was frequently used as a means of simply testing more vehicles. We at CarMD felt it was important to find a way …

NoneHow do I remove/delete a vehicle?

How to add a vehicle

After logging into your account, you may add a vehicle by:

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