Get your CarMD report using your Computer

Check your CarMD Turn it on and off and make sure it is working. If needed replace the batteries. Record the VIN If this is the first time scanning your vehicle with a CarMD, we recommend bringing something to record the VIN. Such as a paper/pencil or taking a photograph of the VIN itself. While CarMD is able to automatically …

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CarMD vs Code Readers & Apps & Free Scans at auto parts stores?

CarMD is often compared with code readers and OBD2 apps. While it is true CarMD and all those tools read data from the OBD2 port, the similarities stop there. CarMD specializes in providing consumers a complete vehicle health solution in an easy-to-understand way. Not only is this innovative, there are no other products on the market that do the same …

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Locating the obd ii / obd2 port and connector

To locate your OBD port, enter your vehicle information below: CarMD offers a new free service that can help you save money on car repairs. Though you may not have a check engine light now, check out the service and bookmark it for your future needs, and share it with friends!

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Using CarMD with your car

Before jumping ahead to use your CarMD product, please make sure you've installed the CarMD application on your computer and created an account. Both are required for CarMD to work. Turn on your car But do not start it. Plug in your CarMD It will beep twice when plugged in correctly. Where to plug If you don't hear the beeps ...
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CarMD vs Mechanic’s Tools

CarMD may appear to just be a handheld tool, but this is a small part of the picture. For a better description of what CarMD does, see “How does CarMD get it’s data?”.  Most technicians and mechanics fix issues the same way, they poke and prod the vehicle, testing this or testing that.  Which is why check engine light checks …

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CarMD vs Free Scans

When you get a “free” scan at the local auto parts store they will hook up your vehicle to an on-board diagnostic (OBD) code reader or scan tool. Depending on which brand of tool they use, they’ll either give you a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) or a DTC with a generic definition (‘MAF Sensor Signal Range’ or ‘Transmission Control System …

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Check order status

The easy to check the status of your recently placed CarMD order. This service is only available for orders made through the site and not any 3rd parties. Email address Postal code (5 digital number) Submit
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Vehicles compatible with CarMD

CarMD is designed to work on all 1996 and newer vehicles driven in the U.S., with on-board diagnostic second generation (OBD2 or OBD II) technology. This includes cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids – foreign and domestic. A light-duty truck is any motor vehicle having a gross vehicle weight rating (curb weight plus payload) of no more than 8,500 ...
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Getting started with CarMD

Basic requirements Purchasing carmd Tracking your package CarMD setup

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CarMD Computer System Requirements

The CarMD tool requires connection to your computer in order to update. Below are the minimum requirements to run CarMD. Category Windows Mac OS Version Windows XP Mac OS 11 Free Disk Space 50 MB 100 MB RAM 128 MB 256 MB Processor Pentium Intel/Power PC G3 Must also have 1 USB plug Internet connection Internet Explorer 8 or above, ...
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