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In this press center you will find up-to-date news and information on CarMD. It’s designed to provide members of the media with everything from company news to industry stats to ready-to-use graphics.

Here you will also find news releases and downloadable pdf versions of our CarMD Vehicle Health Index™ reports.

Press Releases



For the Third Consecutive Year Finds Michigan Most Affordable State for Check Engine Repairs; D.C. Drivers Paid Most for Parts and Labor in 2017


2018 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index Reveals U.S. Check Engine Car Repair Costs Are Down 10%

Leading Causes for Check Engine Light Reduce Fuel Economy as Gas Prices Rise



CarMD® 2017 Vehicle Health Index™ Finds 2013 Honda Civic Most Reliable, 2012 Mazda 5 Most Affordable to Repair


CarMD Launches Its CarMD® Garage Online Service for Vehicle Owners, Used Car Shoppers and Automotive Industry Partners


For the Second Consecutive Year CarMD Finds Michigan Most Affordable State for Check Engine Repairs; Connecticut Drivers Paid Most for Parts and Labor in 2016


2017 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ Reveals Model Year 2005 Vehicles Most Likely to Have a Check Engine Light Problem



CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ Finds Toyota is Brand with Lowest Check Engine Light Frequency, Hyundai Has Lowest Average Repair Cost

2012 Honda CR-V tops list of vehicles with lowest repair frequency and lowest average repair cost


CarMD Finds Motorists in Michigan Paid Least, California Drivers Paid Most for Check Engine-Related Car Repairs in 2015

Florida set benchmark with national average


CarMD Releases its 2016 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ of Car Repair Data and Trends, Including a Decade of U.S. Car Repair Costs

Reveals Top Check Engine Repairs by Vehicle Age, Region


CarMD Debuts Health and History Reports to Empower Used Car Shoppers With Past, Present and Predicted Vehicle Insight



CarMD® 2015 Vehicle Health Index™ Lists Hyundai as Manufacturer with Combined Fewest Check Engine Repairs, Lowest Costs

10-21-15 Corporation Announces Launch of CarMD® Mobile; Next-Generation Tool with App Empowers Mobile-First Vehicle Owners and Used Car Buyers

IRVINE, Calif. (Oct. 21, 2015) – Corporation, the company that brought you the award-winning
CarMD® Vehicle Health System®, announces the long-awaited launch of its CarMD® Mobile consumer automotive product, providing mobile-first vehicle owners and used car shoppers with unmatched technology to proactively monitor vehicle health.


CarMD Finds Drivers in District of Columbia Paid Most, Wyoming Paid Least For Check Engine-Related Car Repairs in 2014

When the check engine light illuminates on the dashboard, drivers in the District of Columbia pay the most ($467.11) on average, while vehicle owners in Wyoming pay the least ($308.76) to have it fixed, according to CarMD

04-21-15 Corporation Releases its 2015 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ During April Car Care Awareness Month

Encourages Drivers to Address Dashboard Warnings as Year-Over-Year Car Repair Costs Are Flat and More Than 5 Percent of Check Engine Light Repairs are Free.



Annual CarMD State-by-State Ranking of Car Repair Costs Finds Drivers in North Carolina Paid Most, Nebraska Paid Least for Check Engine Repairs in 2013


CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ Highlights Importance for Drivers to Heed Dashboard Warnings as Check Engine Repair Costs Rise 6.7 Percent Nationwide


2014 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™



2013 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ Manufacturer & Vehicle Rankings View pdf of full report


CarMD® Releases 2013 Vehicle Health Index™ Manufacturer & Vehicle Rankings, Hyundai Unseats Toyota as Most Reliable Detroit-based GMC, Chrysler, Ford climb to no. 3, 4, 6 while Honda falls to no. 5

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CarMD® Media Resources

2150 CarMD® Mobile

Launched, fall 2015, CarMD® Mobile is the next generation tool from the company that brought you the award-winning CarMD® Vehicle Health System™. The CarMD Mobile handheld device and app together provide the user with the power to diagnose many aspects of auto health. It provides mobile-first vehicle owners and used car shoppers with unmatched technology to proactively monitor vehicle health. The Bluetooth-enabled CarMD® Mobile device pairs with most mobile phones (iOS and Android) and can also be used with most Mac or Windows computers. CarMD® Mobile is compatible with all cars, light trucks, minivans, SUVs and hybrids manufactured for use in the U.S. since 1996. It builds on the features that enabled the first-generation CarMD product to empower car and truck owners to solve check engine problems, estimate repair costs, and gain peace of mind when it comes to their car’s health and safety. In addition to mobile access, it adds vehicle history and Predictive Diagnostics. You can use the CarMD® handheld to see if a vehicle would pass an emissons test, check safety before a road trip, inspect used cars to prevent a bad purchase, and more!

CarMD® Device In-Use

As long as your vehicle is a 1996 model or newer, we’ve got you covered. The CarMD® handheld device plugs into everything from cars to light trucks, SUVs to minivans, and even hybrids to let you know if something’s awry under the hood. Just plug it in, and the CarMD® handheld device will report back any hidden problems.

Automotive Facts & Stats

Automotive Maintenance Facts & Stats

  • 13% of vehicles on the road have a check engine light on.
  • What’s the number one reason for engine check problems? A faulty oxygen (O2) sensor. This faulty sensor can reduce your gas mileage by up to 40%.
  • A check engine light automatically fails any car on a state inspection.
  • According to a study by CarMD and Harris Interactive in 2010, 82% of American adults are more concerned with prolonging the life of their current vehicle than they’ve been for past vehicles.
  • 78% of women feel uncomfortable making used car purchases due to lack of information despite the fact that they make up over half of used car sales.
  • What are the four most common reasons car owners put off car repairs? Lack of funds (65%), lack of time (34%), underestimating the severity of a problem (28%), and fear of a serious car problem (12%).
  • While 84% of vehicles are in need of service, nearly 9 million drivers have been ignoring their check engine light for three months or more.
  • Idling your engine for more than 10 seconds users more gas than restarting it.

CarMD Facts & Stats

  • Since 1996, we’ve been developing our repair database from the ground up. Featuring millions of verified repairs from fixes input by our team of Automotive Service Excellence-certified technicians, CarMD’s repair database includes real-life data to help you diagnosis a multitude of problems.
  • CarMD is a spin-off from 30-year industry leader Equus Products, Inc. and Innova Electronics Corp., two industry-leading companies within the automotive aftermarket industry.
  • We rank manufacturers and vehicles based on real-life failures and repairs in our CarMD Vehicle Health Index™. This index is the first of its kind.
  • When you call CarMD’s tech support, you’re guaranteed to reach an Automotive Service Excellence-certified operator. Our call centers are all based in the U.S.


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