CarMD Mobile walkthrough


  • Getting Started
  • Pairing
    • iPhone
    • Android
  • Run a Report
  • Reading your report
    • Diagnostic Result
    • Maintenance Items
    • Emissions Status
    • Safety Recalls
    • Warranty Status
  • Settings

Getting Started

Download the iOS or Android app

Register an account

Once you’ve installed the CarMD Mobile app, log into your existing CarMD account or create a new one by tapping “register”

Pair your CarMD handheld to your mobile device

Your dashboard will request you to pair your CarMD 2150 with your phone. Tap the screen for instructions.

Go to your phone’s Settings -> Bluetooth and pair your CarMD Mobile handheld.



Once your CarMD handheld device has successfully paired with your phone, return to the CarMD app to continue.

If you are pairing your CarMD Mobile Handheld for the first time, you should see a screen confirming the number of reports and garage spaces.

You are now ready to run a report.


If you attempt to run a report before pairing and connecting your CarMD handheld, you will see this screen:

If you’ve recently purchased a new CarMD handheld; you have three garage spaces and 5 report credits included, please push “Connect device” to redeem your included spaces and report credit. 

Run a report

Tap on the “+” in the top right of your screen

Tapping to start scan will initiate the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) reading feature. If your vehicle’s VIN is unreadable by the scanner, tap on “Not scanning?” to manually type in your vehicle’s VIN

Hold the camera steady over your vehicle’s VIN. Make sure the entire VIN stays within view, then slowly move the camera closer until it changes screens.

If the VIN is not scanning or if this is a vehicle you’ve tested before, hit cancel to return to the previous screen.

Tapping on “Not scanning” brings up a list of vehicle VINs you’ve recently ran a report on. If you’d like to run a report on those, tap on the vehicle’s VIN, which will now be pre-filled in the VIN field.

Optionally, if you aren’t able to successfully scan the VIN, you may enter it manually by tapping “Not Scanning?

Back on the “Scan VIN” screen. Where is my VIN? Shows you some of the most common locations the VIN can be found.

After your reading your VIN, two types of reports are available:

  • Free Report
    • Free reports are included with each registered Garage Vehicle associated with your CarMD Handheld account (3) with additional Garage Spaces/reports available for purchase
    • These reports look into vehicle health, maintenance, predictive failures, recalls, TSBs, and future cost of ownership
    • Use these reports on vehicles you own or maintain
    • Vehicle is added to your garage when you run a free report
    • CarMD Handheld required
  • Health & History Report (5 free included with each CarMD Mobile device)
    • Health & History reports include the health information of the free report plus a vehicle history report, detailing title and accident history
    • Health & History reports, unlike free reports, are not included for vehicles in your garage
    • Use of a CarMD handheld is optional, however note that vehicle health details will not be available when Health & History reports are run without the use of a CarMD handheld

If you’re using a CarMD Handheld tool, you’ll be prompted to turn your vehicle on, but do not start the engine, then tap the bottom of the screen to continue. The CarMD app will then show the location of the DLC (OBD2 Port that the CarMD tool plugs into).

Listen for the CarMD device to beep, letting you know it’s been plugged in properly. Tap on the bottom of the screen when it beeps again.

Remove the CarMD handheld device from the DLC and turn it on. The handheld tool will display “bLUEt,” indicating that it is connecting with your smart device. Once it has successfully connected, you will be prompted to enter your odometer reading.

CarMD will then analyze your vehicle’s data and return with your report.

Reading your report

The first page of your included, free report is an overview of the. There are several icons used to indicate the status of the:

Green checkmark: CarMD found no indication of a problem
Orange exclamation point: CarMD has detected a possible issue. It may be nothing or it may develop into a full check engine light. No action needs to be taken at this time. Please continue driving safely and run a re-check with CarMD in a few days.
Red VIN: CarMD has detected a VIN mismatch where the VIN scanned does not match the VIN pulled from the vehicle
Red X: There is an issue that requires your attention.
Grey Question Mark: Indicates this vehicle has had its system reset and cleared
Grey dash: Health & History report was run on a vehicle without a CarMD Handheld, which is required for some details on vehicle reports

Tapping on “Diag Result” brings up the vehicle diagnosis

Technical details on the malfunction. Tapping on “View Repair Report” brings up the repair report.

An easy-to-understand summary of the repairs CarMD recommends, difficulty, parts required, labor times and costs.

Tapping on “Maint Items” will display a maintenance report, with details on the next scheduled service and the items required, as per the manufacturer, including costs.

Tapping on “Emission Status” will display the emission status, i.e. if the is ready for emissions testing.

Tapping on “Safety Recalls” will display safety recalls that have been issued for the vehicle.

Tapping on “Warranty Status” will display the warranty for the vehicle.

Tapping on “Upcoming repairs” will display repairs that are likely to be required within the next 12 months, including estimated cost and the percentage of likelihood.


Tapping on the three bars in the top left corner brings up a menu where you can:

  • Run additional reports
  • Search by VIN, make, model, year or name
  • Settings” brings up the settings screen, where you can change details such as your email, password, and zip code, as well as purchase additional report credits and garage spaces

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