CarMD isn’t beeping when plugged into the vehicle

The CarMD beeps to let you know when it has been firmly connected with a vehicle and when it should be removed from the vehicle. Fortunately, it also uses it’s lights and LCD screen to let you know what it’s doing. However, due to the location most OBD2 ports, it is difficult to view the unit while plugged in, which is why we recommend purchasing a CarMD Cable. The steps below will help guide you through the process of using your CarMD without hearing the beeps.

  1. Please make sure the CarMD turns on
    If it doesn’t please view these instructions.
  2. Connect the CarMD firmly into your vehicle

    If you’re not sure where to plug in the CarMD, click here. Otherwise, plug it in and push it in. Or if you own a cable, plug in the cable first and then connect your CarMD.

  3. To let you know the CarMD is correctly plugged in the CarMD will do the following:

    • Beep twice
    • One of the lights will flicker on and off
    • The LCD screen will say ‘read’

Any of the above conditions confirms that the CarMD is firmly plugged in and is ready for the next step.

View full instructions of how to use CarMD with your car.

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NoneCarMD isn’t beeping when plugged into the vehicle