CarMD 2150 Setup

This will guide you through setting up your CarMD 2150. Please make sure you own the 2150, as seen above. If your version is a different color, please click here.

Please have your CarMD on hand and make sure it can turn on. Replace batteries if necessary.

Setting up CarMD on your phone

  1. Download our app and open it

    We appreciate your patience!

  2. Tap ‘Register’ in the app.

    If you already have an account please log in instead. Otherwise, please enter your email, password, and zipcode.

  3. Pair your device

    In the app it will request you to go through a few steps to ‘pair’ your phone with the device. You must complete this step in order to continue.

  4. Follow the instructions in the app

    After pairing, you will enter the app’s main dashboard. Please follow the instructions in order to get your CarMD report.

Setting up CarMD on your computer

Click here

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