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Whether you're developing on-board diagnostic (OBD) hardware, looking to add value to connected car applications or just want to provide car owners/shoppers with a way to diagnose pesky CHECK ENGINE problems or save money on car repair, CarMD offers a solution.

The following is a detailed menu of product offerings. Check which services and solutions you're interested in to help us provide a customized quote to meet your needs:

Standard CarMD® Solutions

CarMD® Hardware Development Consultation

Over the past two decades, CarMD has developed and tested OBD-II tool compatibility with virtually all vehicle makes and models on the road today. Our developers have secured many patents on our OBD technology and produced the world's #1 selling OBD-II tool. We offer our Solutions partners the option to tap our team's OBD hardware development expertise of tips and tricks to save you money on OBD-II product development.

  • Co-branded product development.
  • OBD-II hardware consultation services.

MyCarMD® Garage

This online data source houses a range of resources for current car owners to manage their vehicles' health. Garage is included with all of CarMD's Solutions packages and is also available a la carte. Some of the many garage staples include uncovering important safety recalls, estimating repairs, and accessing helpful videos and articles produced for the general motoring public. MyCarMD Garage includes...

  • Government Safety Recalls – These are alerts issued by vehicle manufacturers when the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines a significant amount of vehicles require immediate repair to maintain passenger safety. These repairs are provided at no charge to the vehicle owner but are consolidated in the MyCarMD® Garage to help ensure owners don't miss an important safety notice.
  • Manufacturer Voluntary Recalls – These are recalls issued by the manufacturer which are not safety-related but aim to resolve a common issue among vehicles in a specific category.
  • Warranty Information – Describes the manufacturer's warranty, including basic warranty ("bumper-to-bumper"), powertrain, emissions, and details such as whether the warranty is transferrable.
  • CarMD® Article Library (Coming Soon) – A library of automotive-related articles written for the general, motoring public.
  • CarMD® Video Library (Coming Soon) – A library of automotive-related videos produced for the general motoring public.
  • Fuel Economy Rating – Vehicle-specific Miles Per Gallon (MPG) fuel consumption rating, an indication of fuel efficiency for specific vehicle type.
  • Safety Complaints Reports (Coming Soon) – A vehicle-specific library of vehicle-owner safety complaints reported to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • My Vehicles – An online "garage" that allows users to maintain and view a list of owned vehicles.
  • Repair Estimator (Coming Soon) – A feature that provides a parts and labor estimate for repairs that is vehicle and region specific.
  • Find My Car's Connector – An easy-to-use feature that helps end users install OBD II-based hardware.
  • CarMD® Automotive Glossary (Coming Soon) – Brief automotive descriptions and definitions, as well as vehicle-specific terms and phrases.
  • VIN Search – The VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is a unique 17-digit code which includes information about the vehicle's manufacturer, country-of-origin, engine class, and serial number. This feature decodes a user-inputted value and returns vehicle-specific information.

CarMD® Vehicle Health Report™

"Why is my car's CHECK ENGINE light on?", "How pricey will repairs be?" "Will my car pass its emissions test?" This customizable report empowers consumers with easy-to-understand information about their car, including geo- and user-specific parts and labor costs so they don't overpay for repairs. Each Vehicle Health Report can include...

  • Trouble Code Definitions – Provides easy-to-understand explanations of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and how each affects the vehicle's overall health, written in laypersons' terms.
  • Emissions ("Smog") Status – Reports back to the user the emissions (smog) testing status; determines if the vehicle is ready to pass its smog test, which is often required to register a vehicle.
  • CarMD® Engine Health – This is a prognosis on a vehicle's overall health. Includes information on the symptoms that caused the "Check Engine Light" to illuminate, a description of trouble codes present in the OBD-II system, and their effect on a vehicle's emission test readiness.
  • Most Likely Cure – A report, based on an analysis of diagnostic data that includes an estimate of parts and labor costs by user region-specific; this report is verified for accuracy by CarMD's team of factory-trained ASE-(National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) certified master technicians.
  • My Service Reminders (Coming Soon) – Email or text reminders of required and suggested vehicle services.

CarMD® Staying Healthy Tips

Help your customers extend the life of their car with valuable, money-saving information, including proprietary CarMD® Predictive Failure Diagnosis™ of anticipated, vehicle-specific repairs within the next 12 months. These optional staying healthy tips also offer a great reason to have more frequent communication with your customers with subscription-based value added content that saves them money or helps them decide when it's time to trade in or up...

  • CarMD® Predictive Failure Diagnosis – A report of anticipated vehicle-specific repairs within the next 12 months, ranked by likelihood, as determined by CarMD's technicians, based on reported diagnostic information and CarMD verified fixes.
  • Factory Scheduled Services and Costs – Manufacturer recommended service intervals based on the mileage of the vehicle and associated costs, based on the vehicle specifics, mileage, and region.
  • Factory Scheduled Service How-To Videos – Videos explaining how manufacturer recommended services are performed.
  • CarMD® Recommended Services and Pricing – These are vehicle-specific services that are recommended, in addition to the factory recommended services, by CarMD's ASE-certified master technicians, which will extend the life of the vehicle and lower overall future ownership costs and maintain the vehicle's resell value.
  • CarMD® Recommended Services How-To Videos – Videos explaining how CarMD recommended services are performed.
  • Warranty Cures (Coming Soon) – Vehicle cures covered by the manufacturer's warranty; these repairs are provided by the factory dealers at no cost to the vehicle owner, and can help a driver save money on repairs.
  • My Vehicle Health Records (Coming Soon) – A feature allowing a user to view, record and input vehicle services and related invoices.

CarMD® Cure

Tap the expertise of CarMD's network of ASE-certified technicians to provide skilled DIYers and pro mechanics with detailed support to get the vehicle repaired cost effectively and quickly the first time. Optional services include self diagnosis videos, do-it-yourself repair library, wiring diagrams, CarMD® Hotline to speak with a U.S.A.-based technician in English or Spanish 7 days/week, and more. CarMD Cure options include:

  • Ask CarMD® (Coming Soon) - A service which allows end users to reach out to a CarMD technician with questions regarding their vehicle's health.
  • Vehicle Component Knowledge Library (Coming Soon) – Articles, written in laypersons' terms, which describe how a particular vehicle component works and where it is located.
  • Areas to Inspect & Possible Causes – A report which explains possible causes behind a CarMD prognosis and offers information to the technician on where to start inspecting or what components to test.
  • Most Likely Cure – A report, based on an analysis of diagnostic data that includes an estimate of parts and labor costs, user region-specific; this report is verified for accuracy by CarMD's team of factory-trained ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) certified master technicians.
  • Vehicle Health Monitors (Emission Status) – Details the status of emission readiness monitors, pertinent to the specific vehicle, determining if the vehicle is ready for an emissions test, and if not, which monitors are reporting back as not ready.
  • Possible Causes – Indentifies and reports the possible causes that lead to the triggering of stored diagnostic codes.
  • Technical Definitions – The standard definitions for diagnostic trouble codes, as provided by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).
  • Vehicle Drive Cycles (Coming Soon) – This details the vehicle driving patterns at the moment a diagnostic code is triggered; this information is useful in re-creating the original condition that triggered the code and is necessary to accurately verify a successful repair.
  • Manufacturer Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) – Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are memos issued by the vehicle manufacturer that describe a common and/or known condition or difficult repair. These are sometimes tied to diagnostic codes.
  • Do-It-Yourself Repair Library (Coming Soon) – Easy-to-use and understand instructions on how to test, repair or replace and maintain specific vehicle components, tied to the CarMD reported Most Likely Cure.
  • CarMD® Hotline (Coming Soon) – A hotline, staffed by CarMD® technicians to assist users in vehicle repairs tied to CarMD reported Most Likely Cures, CarMD® Recommended Services, or Factory Scheduled Services.
  • CarMD® Self-Diagnose Videos (Coming Soon) – A video library detailing how to self-diagnose vehicle conditions.
  • How-To Video Library (Coming Soon) – A library of easy-to-understand videos, hosted by experienced ASE-certified technicians, demonstrating how to test, repair and/or replace components related to specific vehicle symptoms.
  • Vehicle Specifications – Vehicle specifications, including drive train, chassis, and electrical subsystems.
  • Wiring Diagrams (Coming Soon) – Vehicle specific wiring diagrams for electrical subsystems.

CarMD® Car Buying Consultant (Coming Soon)

Help shoppers avoid buying a used car lemon with CarMD's unique products, embedded services and apps. Optional solutions include video car reviews, vehicle history report, CarMD® Reliability Rating based on repair frequency and cost, overall CarMD® Vehicle Health Score™, vehicle comparison tools and more. Car Buying Consultant product features include...

  • Car Reviews – Vehicle reviews provided by CarMD.
  • Crash Rating – A vehicle's crashworthiness rating, derived from a series of tests that determines how well a vehicle protects its occupants in the event of a collision.
  • Depreciation Calculator – The cost of depreciation a vehicle has accrued since its initial purchase.
  • Fuel Economy Calculator – The cost of fuel a vehicle consumes relative to the distance traveled, typically expressed in Miles Per Gallon (MPG).
  • Insurance Cost Calculator – The typical cost in insuring a specific vehicle type.
  • Maintenance Cost Calculator – The cost of maintaining a specific vehicle type in an optimal operating condition.
  • Overall Cost-of-Ownership – The total estimated cost of owning a specific vehicle.
  • Vehicle Comparison Tool – A tool used to compare 2 different vehicles, based on particular criteria, useful when making vehicle purchase decisions.
  • Current Market Value – The current market value of a vehicle.
  • Vehicle History Report – A vehicle's title history, detailing certain events in a vehicle's lifetime, including accident history, theft, odometer readings, severity of vehicle damage (including floods), and whether a vehicle has been declared a total loss or salvaged. This information is typically derived from insurance databases and state departments of motor vehicles.
  • CarMD® Reliability Rating – A description of a vehicle's reliability, based in part on reported and known issues for that specific vehicle type. This rates a vehicle on real-life repairs instead of just consumer opinion.
  • CarMD® Vehicle Health Score – An overall letter grade rating on the value of a vehicle, as determined by CarMD, taking into account the mileage, options, depreciation, crashworthiness, fuel economy, costs-of-ownership, and reliability.

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