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Since 1996, CarMD has compiled and maintained the industry's largest and most comprehensive database of "check engine" light-related problems and repairs. The database is procured from CarMD's nationwide network of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified technicians, who recommend, validate and upload repairs and costs to the database on a daily basis for 1996 vehicles to present. CarMD currently has millions of verified repairs in its proprietary database.

  • Beginning in 1996, the U.S. government mandated that On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) be included on all foreign and domestic cars, light trucks, vans, SUVs and now hybrids driven in the U.S. This universal technology is designed to detect malfunctions, set a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and turn on the "check engine" light if there is a problem. This system provides vital health and safety information for roughly 80 percent of a vehicle's systems, and is installed on roughly 85 percent of the vehicles in the U.S. today.
  • As a result of compiling the industry's most comprehensive database of diagnostic trouble codes and repairs for "check engine"-related problems, CarMD is uniquely able to provide statistics on a wide range of vehicles and manufacturers.
  • By offering this unbiased and unprecedented repair and reliability information over time, CarMD is able to present an unparalleled view of reliability over the lifecycle of vehicles, enabling consumers and the industry to compare and contrast makes based on facts and not just opinion surveys.
  • The top 100 vehicles represent the best vehicles out of more than 1,400 different types of model year 2004 to 2014 vehicles on the road today, and the top 10 manufacturers represent the best out of more than 20 parent manufacturers.
    • It is important to remember that even the 99th or 100th ranked vehicle on the top 100 list is a significant achievement, as this puts it in better than the top 10% of all 2004 to 2014 vehicles being ranked.
  • Each spring, the company also releases its CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ of unbiased statistical information covering the most common "check engine" light-related car repairs and associated costs, on a national basis. Each summer, CarMD shares state-by-state rankings of car repairs and costs to help motorists better understand how geography and climate play a role in car maintenance and repairs.
  • Current and archived indices are available at http://corp.carmd.com.

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