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Getting started with CarMD


  • Basic requirements
  • Purchasing carmd
  • Tracking your package
  • CarMD setup

Basic requirements

The CarMD® Vehicle Health System™ is a consumer product designed to provide the average driver with the tools and information to monitor your vehicle’s health, catch hidden problems and diagnose dashboard warning lights. While it uses professional quality tools and information, it’s simple enough for anyone to use to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle and what repairs will cost in your geographic area. Check to make sure CarMD will work properly with your vehicle.

The CarMD handheld device is ready to use right out of the box, and includes everything needed to monitor a car’s health and comes with free lifetime software and firmware updates. Check to make sure your computer requirements can handle CarMD .

Purchasing CarMD

You may purchase CarMD directly from us or from a licensed 3rd party such as Amazon or HSN.

Tracking your package

If you purchased directly from the CarMD.com site, you can track your package as it is being delivered.

CarMD Setup

You can start the setup process without the CarMD although you will need to product in order to get CarMD reports.

  1. Create an account

    CarMD will send you an email, find this email, and follow the instructions to verify your account. It may take up to 10 minutes for this email to be delivered.

  2. Download our software and install it.

    On some versions of the app it will ask you to log in. Please do so.

  3. You are now ready to use your CarMD with your car.
  4. Plug the product into the computer

    Use the included USB cable to plug the CarMD into your computer.

  5. After a few seconds, your browser should automatically launch
    • Please log in if necessary.
    • Follow the on screen instructions to recieve your report.
derek chennGetting started with CarMD