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Drivers from coast to coast continue to benefit by using CarMD in their everyday lives. Read our customers' stories and hear how CarMD has helped them become empowered with their vehicle's health and maintenance decisions.
Don't leave home without it, Andrew  B, Nashville, TN

Don't leave home without it, that’s what I would tell anyone about CarMD.It helped me twice to accurately diagnose the problems when the 'check engine'light came on. The first time (sorry I forgot the error) CarMD diagnosed the problem as that of a bad sensor within the exhaust system, pegged the part at $75.00 with the rest labor for a total of $275.00. After fixing it, the dealer presented a bill of $274.00!!! (I had told the dealer that I knew what the problem was and the cost to fix it.)The second time it diagnosed the problem to be caused by a leaky cap on the gas tank … I was just about to take the truck to state inspection required for registration renewal and now this problem would prevent me from passing inspection. I got a new cap.... and the problem was resolved AND I passed inspection. You really have the upper hand when you know what is wrong and what it may cost to fix and - most importantly - how urgent it is, whether you can fix it yourself, and if you cannot fix it yourself what to expect in dealer charges. Seriously, don't leave home without it.

A good value for your money., Brenda N., Clinton, MS

I decided to purchase it because I was looking at buying my daughter a used car for graduation. I used the product. The check engine light was on on the car. It showed me it was on because the gas cap was loose... CarMD is really worth the money if you're planning to purchase a used vehicle.

I am sold on CarMD!, Leland  S., Sunriver, OR

For almost 3 years, I had a problem with my 1997 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI stalling when I punched in the supercharger under load, such as passing a truck on a grade. Each time my dealer’s shop said a spark plug had misfired and I needed to replace the plugs and ignition wires. They were never able to tell me WHY the plugs had misfired. When I bought my CarMD, I deliberately forced a misfire and attached the unit for a readout. My report confirmed a spark plug misfire, but also included a list of possible causes. It turned out the culprit was a dirty mass air sensor! It didn’t even have to be replaced, just cleaned. For about $80 in labor charges at a local repair shop, I solved a problem that was costing me hundreds of dollars every year without any fix in sight. I’ve since put more than 35,000 additional miles on the car without a problem. Needless to say, I am sold on my CarMD.

"save money", Donald cohn, joshua tree, CA

"First Time Use Paid for Unit", Frank Czap, Aurora, CO

"Engine Lite On", johnny Hawkins, glenwood, IL

"Paid for itself", Michael L., Decatur, GA

"The Right Tool", G. Busboom, Cherokee, AL