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If your "Check Engine" Light Is ON...

The first step is not to panic! Realize that this is your car's way of telling you there's a problem that might just be a loose gas cap, but could be more serious and costly. Even if your car is driving OK, the problem won't go away and could get worse and cost more to repair. To minimize further damage to your vehicle, diagnose the problem ASAP. CarMD® offers the tools and info to diagnose check engine problems yourself and see what repairs should cost, so you can be in complete control of your car repairs.

        Amazing! CarMD worked exactly as advertised! I am a single woman, often getting "ripped off" by repair shops. Never again! Thanks so much for this product.
I am so pleased with the ease of use.
Nothing complicated. Thank you again.

~ Kit P. Quartz Hill, CA
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CarMD uses the same sophisticated technology your mechanic uses, but was designed for everyone to use.
In four simple steps, CarMD helps you quickly identify why your vehicle’s check engine light is on:

Plug in CarMD

Collect your vehicle’s
health status

Get your car’s diagnosis
and most likely fix

Stay healthy
Plug the CarMD handheld device into a universal port found inside your car
(see where it is on your car)
Turn the ignition key to the ON position; listen for the beeps; read the LEDs Plug device into your PC or Mac with USB cable to obtain most likely fix, including parts & labor, from CarMD’s proprietary repair database Get the latest safety recalls, warranty information, scheduled service reminders, and other tips to keep your car in top shape